Privacy Policy

At Classic Windows, Inc. we are courteous to the privacy of our customers and visitors to our website. We do not share any information we receive from any individual. Classic Windows takes every precaution to protect the privacy of its customers and visitors to its website.

Information Collected

The only information that is collected by Classic Windows is the information that visitors to our website send to us. This information includes any completed portion of the “Contact Us” page of our website. More information may be collected upon further contact with a customer or potential customer.

Information Shared

Classic Windows will not share any information that is provided by our customers, potential customers, or any other party.

Cookie Use

Cookies are tiny files that are placed on a computer’s hard drive by a website. These files tell small bits of information about visitors to websites, including time spent at the site and/or what pages the visitor looked at. Classic Windows does currently use a cookie on its website. The cookie used by Classic Windows is simply to tell us how many people are viewing our website and what pages they are looking at. This cookie does not collect any personal information.

Web Bugs/Web Beacons

Classic Windows does not use Web Bugs on its website. These are tiny, almost unnoticeable, graphics place on a Web page that function similar to Cookies. Classic Windows reserves the right to use Web Bugs in the future, and will make any necessary changes to the Privacy Policy at that time.

Changes to the Website

Classic Windows, Inc. reserves the right to change any information on its website at any time.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Classic Windows, Inc. reserves the right to change any information on its Privacy Policy at any time.