New Construction Windows and Doors

New Home Construction

Are you a builder, architect, or maybe even building a custom home for yourself?  If you are, then let the professionals at Classic Windows help you choose the best windows and doors for your project. 

The windows and doors on your new home or building are one of the most important features for creating the visual appearance you desire. Often times, builders, architects, and home owners don’t realize the vast array of options that are available for their windows and doors.  There are virtually unlimited options for colors, finishes, wood, hardware, glass, grilles, and more. Without the assistance of a window and door expert you could miss an opportunity to give your project the perfect finishing touch. That is why we are here. It is our job to make sure you don’t miss that opportunity.

The process is simple. First, you inquire about windows and doors for your new project. You can call us anytime at (847) 362-3100 or submit an online request here and tell us about your project. On every project you bring us, the first thing we do is make sure your windows and doors follow the most up to date coding requirements for energy efficiency, tempering, and egress.  Next, we will provide you with a quote according to what is on your blueprint. We can also give you quotes for additional window and door options and different configurations that may not be exactly per print. Lastly, we can help you save money by value engineering your windows and doors, so your project meets or beats your budget while keeping the look you desire.

Here is a list of additional services we can offer you:

    • Make sure your windows and doors follow the most up to date coding requirements for energy efficiency, tempering, and egress.
    • Value Engineering – Keep your window and door costs down while keeping the look you desire.
    • Fastest lead times in the industry – Typically 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity of your order
    • Flexibility to make fast changes on your orders – You don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks because you make one small change.
    • Choose your own delivery date  – Most other companies deliver on their schedule, NOT yours!
    • Store your screens, cranks, and grilles at our warehouse until you’re ready for them  – Nothing gets lost or damaged during the construction process.
    • Unmatched customer service that only a LOCAL manufacturer can provide.
    • Multiple versions of price quotes to reflect different options and configurations.
    • With Classic Windows, you get to interact with the people who are directly responsible for your window and door order – At any other window company you only speak with a distributor/middleman who has never even seen the manufacturing plant.