Benefits of Using a LOCAL Window Manufacturer

Stay LOCAL with Classic Windows and Doors!

Think about a few products you recently purchased, no matter what they were. When you bought them did you take the time to consider who made them? What country were they made in? How long did they travel to get to you? What level of service can you expect from the company after your purchase? For many people, the answer to these questions is “No.”

Unfortunately, the same scenario applies when people buy their windows and doors, as well. In many cases, a person sees a window advertisement on TV and decides to buy that company’s products. Also, many people simply leave the decision in the hands of their builder or architect without doing any research for themselves. Most people don’t consider the advantages of a LOCAL window and door manufacturer, because nobody has ever taken the time to teach them. Until now!

Here are some benefits you can take advantage of when you use Classic Windows:

    • You get the highest quality windows and doors on the market for extremely competitive prices. Our products are hand-crafted by actual people, NOT machines like most national window companies. The attention to detail in our manufacturing process is unmatched in the industry.
    • You get the best customer service that only a LOCAL window manufacturer can provide. Our service staff is only minutes away from your job site in-case you need immediate assistance.
    • You get to interact with the people who are directly responsible for your window and door order – At any other window company you only speak with a distributor/middleman who has never even seen the manufacturing plant. At Classic Windows, the Vice President and the CEO personally review every order to make sure everything goes perfectly.
    • You get the fastest lead times in the industry – Typically 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity of your order. Other window companies “talk the talk” about their lead times, but Classic Windows “walks the walk.” If we give you a lead time of four weeks, your order will be delivered in four weeks.
    • You have the flexibility to make fast changes on your orders – You don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks because you make one small change.
    • You get to choose your own delivery date – Most other companies deliver on their schedule, NOT yours!
    • You can store your screens, cranks, and removable grilles at our warehouse (for free) until you’re ready for them – Nothing gets lost or damaged during the construction process.
    • You can take advantage of our free Value Engineering services to help your project meet or beat its budget without sacrificing quality.
    • Multiple versions of price quotes to reflect different options and configurations. We can also give you a printout of potential changes and the price increase or decrease associated with those changes.
    • You get peace of mind knowing that you are buying the most environmentally friendly windows and doors on the market – Click here to learn how you can “GO GREEN” with Classic Windows and doors!

At Classic Windows, we go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction every time, because we know that happy customers help our business. Word of mouth from happy customers is the most powerful type of advertising, so we try extremely hard to make sure every customer of ours is 100% satisfied.