Go Green with Classic Windows and Doors!

Go Green with Classic Windows and Doors!

Did you know that you are helping to save the Earth when you buy your windows and doors from Classic Windows? You might be asking yourself “How can I possibly be saving the Earth when I buy windows and doors?” Actually, there are quite a few reasons why Classic Windows is the most environmentally friendly window and door manufacturing company. Let us explain.

1. Energy Efficiency – The energy efficiency of Classic windows and doors is levels above the competition! Our standard window and door products are some of the most energy efficient products in the industry. The combination of our heavy-gauge extruded aluminum exteriors, extra thick pine wood interiors (high thermal insulating properties), dual-pane insulating glass units (Low-E / Argon), and proprietary dual foam weather-stripping system puts our products in a league of their own. What does this all mean for you?

  • Homeowners – Are you sick and tired of giving away your hard-earned money to the utility companies? With Classic Windows in your home, you can rest assured that your windows and doors are saving you the most money possible on your heating and air conditioning bills all year round.
  • Builders – Are you having trouble separating yourself from the competition? Try using Classic Windows on your next project and explain to your customers that you use the most energy efficient windows and doors available. Best of all, they are from a LOCAL window manufacturer!
  • Architects – Are you trying to achieve LEED® certification on your next project? All products from Classic Windows meet or beat the LEED® requirements for windows and doors, which awards you with the maximum points possible including extra points for using a LOCAL window manufacturer!

2. Delivery Truck Fuel Consumption – Delivery truck fuel consumption is another major factor that makes Classic Windows the most environmentally friendly window and door manufacturer around. Since Classic Windows is a LOCAL manufacturer, our average delivery distance is less than 20 miles. These short trips use only three to four gallons of fuel (round-trip). Compare that to the national window manufacturers who have to ship their products as much as 700 miles just to get to their Chicago-land distributors. 700 MILES! Most semi trucks get 6-7 miles per gallon of fuel. If you do the math, the national window manufacturers are using as much as 100 gallons of fuel just to ship products to their middlemen! 100 GALLONS! This doesn’t even include the fuel used to deliver their products from the distributor to your job site. As you can see, Classic Windows uses a small fraction of the fuel that the national window companies use making us far and away the most green window company around!

3. Green Parts and Suppliers – For every part that goes into our windows and doors we carefully select the closest suppliers and the most environmentally friendly parts possible. For example, our aluminum extrusions are made only a couple hours away from our headquarters and best of all they are made from recycled aluminum!

4. Saving You Green! – Perhaps the most important green feature of Classic Windows is the amount of “green” our products can save you. As we mentioned earlier, when you buy Classic windows and doors you are buying the most energy efficient products on the market. Our window and door products are going to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all while keeping your energy bills as low as possible.

When you buy Classic Windows you are buying windows that are built to last! To date, our company is not aware of any past customer who has replaced their Classic windows or doors with another brand. Since you won’t have to replace your Classic windows in 5-10 years like most national window brands, you’re essentially cutting your window cost in half. Think about it… would you rather pay for your windows once or twice? The answer is clear. Use Classic Windows the first time and you won’t have to worry about your windows again! This leads us to our next point.

5. Less Waste – Since you won’t have to replace your windows over and over again, you won’t be creating any extra waste by throwing away old windows. Your Classic windows and doors are built to last you a very, very long time.

Also, most national window companies ship every single product with unnecessary plastic and cardboard wrapping. This creates huge amounts of excess waste at the delivery site. Not to mention, it is a huge hassle for you when you have to unload AND unwrap every single window and door you buy. At Classic Windows, we don’t wrap our products because we know how to package them correctly in our delivery trucks and we ship them directly to you. The result is NO WASTE at your site AND products that are ready for quick installation.

Lastly, our manufacturing facility recycles as many products as it can in order to reduce waste. These products include scrap aluminum, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard. Everything around our manufacturing plant gets reused or recycled if possible.

GO GREEN WITH CLASSIC WINDOWS AND DOORS! – “Going green” is an world-wide movement that will preserve the Earth for generations to come. In every aspect of our lives there is something we all can do differently in order to do use less energy, less fuel, and create less waste. Purchasing new windows and doors is no different. If you have read this entire page then you know that Classic Windows is, by far, the “greenest” window and door company around. We make the most energy efficient products, use the least amount of fuel, create the least amount of waste, and save you “green” at the same time. So GO GREEN with Classic Windows and be proud that you are doing your part to help save the planet!

Go Green with Classic Windows