Classic Geometric Windows

Looking to add creative design to your home or building? Then Classic Geometric windows are the right choice for your project. Geometric windows are an excellent way to show off your creative talents and differentiate your home or building from the rest. Classic Geometric windows are fixed, meaning that they do not open and close. Geometric windows can, however, be combined with other windows to form picturesque multi-window units.

Classic Geometric windows are built to last. Our Geometric windows combine a tough exterior cladding extrusion with energy efficient dual glass panes and an impenetrable dual weatherstripping system to provide superior resistance to all of nature’s harshest elements.

Classic Geometric windows are available in a wide variety of sizes and options to suit each and every individual’s taste. Classic Geometric windows can be made as single windows or be combined with other windows to create beautiful multi-window units. See the Options and Accessories list below for a complete list of options available for your Classic Geometric windows.

Classic Octagon Windows. Classic Pentagon Windows. Classic Trapezoid Windows. Classic Triangle Windows. Classic Parallelogram Windows.
Octagon Pentagon Trapezoid Triangle Parallelogram

Standard Window Features:

  • Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum Exterior
  • Pine Wood Interior (Natural Finish for Staining or Primed for Painting)
  • Dual-pane insulating glass units with Low-E coating and argon gas provided by Cardinal Glass Industries
  • Removable Glass Stops for Easy Glass Replacement

Window Options and Accessories:

  • Custom Window Sizes
  • Geometric Windows Can Be Mulled Together with Other Windows
  • Tempered Glass
  • Custom Glass
  • Snap-In Wood Grilles***
  • Aluminum Grilles Between the Glass Panes***
  • Simulated Divided Light Grilles (SDL)***
  • ***All Grille Styles Available in Standard or Custom Patterns