Double Hung Window Specifications

Unlike other generic, name-brand windows, Classic Double Hung windows are custom built specifically for your home or commercial building. The unique combination of quality, style, and energy efficiency results in the most elegant, longest lasting, and smoothest operating windows available. All Classic Double Hung windows are available in custom sizes as well as standard sizes. Together, these features make Classic Double Hung windows the premium choice for all of your residential and commercial projects.

Exterior: All Classic Double Hung windows and are constructed with a heavy gauge extruded aluminum exterior. The clad extrusion is an integral part of the window and not just a cosmetic cover, as with most other window brands. Unlike vinyl or roll-form (sheet aluminum) exteriors, Classic’s extruded aluminum exterior provides the strongest, longest lasting, and most durable barrier against the weather, cracking, and denting. The extrusion is fitted to the frame and sash with mitered corners and secured with stainless steel screws.

Frame: All Classic Double Hung window frames are constructed from preservative-treated, clear-jointed pine. Cladded wood surfaces are primer painted to provide a superior water-repelling surface. Basic unit wall thickness is 4-9/16 inches with a 1-1/4 inch exterior projection from the nailing flange surface for a total overall thickness of 5-13/16″. Jamb extensions are available to accommodate virtually any wall construction.

Sash: All Classic Double Hung sashes are constructed with preservative-treated, clear pine wood. Cladded wood surfaces are primer painted to provide a superior water-repelling surface. The corners are secured with heavy mortise and tenon joints that provide superior strength and squareness to the sash for long-term stability, strength, and optimal window operation.

Glazing/Glass: All Classic Double Hung windows are standard glazed with an energy efficient, double pane (minimum 3/4 inch thick), insulating glass unit. With a minimum thickness of 1/8 inch, the extra thick glass panes provide maximum strength, noise reduction, and the longest life for the insulating glass unit. This provides an ideal combination of energy efficiency, durability, and long life. “R-Max” Low-E glass units are filled with argon gas and come standard on all Classic windows. These high performance glass units substantially reduce the number of sun rays that enter your home or building, thus reducing fading on your furniture and paint. All insulating glass units are sealed against the aluminum extrusion of the sash with a very strong glazing tape and then secured in place with a removable, interior wood stop. The removable wood stop allows the insulating glass unit to be easily replaced from the interior of the window. This will result in tremendous dollar savings should the glass ever be damaged or need to be replaced in the future. Most other window companies require the entire sash or entire window be replaced and refinished in order to replace the glass.

Balance System:The state-of-the-art balance system on Classic Double Hung windows is comprised of stainless steel coils rather than the traditional string balances that other window companies use. Our steel coils are very strong and virtually unbreakable, whereas traditional string balances break very easily. The vinyl jamb liners are heavily constructed and color matched to white, sandstone, bronze, and black exterior window colors. Together, this unique balance system provides Classic Double Hung windows with very smooth and long lasting operation. Also, this system provides for easy tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning from the inside.

Hardware: Classic Double Hung windows come standard with recessed lock(s) from Truth Hardware® and an interior check rail cover providing a sleek, smooth interior appearance. White or bronze are the standard finishes, but other color options are available.

Weatherstripping: All Classic Double Hung windows incorporate an advanced weatherstripping system that provides you with a long-lasting, air-tight seal against air and water infiltration. The sashes are weatherstripped on all sides unlike most other window manufacturers that do not weatherstrip the sides of the sashes. The frame and window sash weatherstrip consists of an interior foam that prevents the weatherstrip from flattening out and allowing air and water leakage. The foam is wrapped with a resilient exterior covering to prevent the weatherstrip from rotting or becoming brittle with age. The benefit of our unique weatherstripping system is maximum energy efficiency for your Double Hung windows.

Screens: The screen consists of a sturdy, aluminum, roll-formed frame with nylon corners, charcoal-colored mesh, and a full-width, integrated lift handle at the bottom of the screen. Screen colors match the exterior color of the door.

Window Type Glass Type Air Infiltration U-Value R-Value
2640 Double Hung Low-E Insulating with Argon Gas 0.06 0.25 4.17
*NOTE: Classic Double Hung windows exceed all air,
water, and structural performance requirements for Commercial Grade 50 classification required by the A.A.M.A.Y/N.W.W.D.A. I.S. 2-87.
‘U’ and ‘R’ values are center of the glass calculations using Lawrence Berkeley Labs Window Software.

Note: All specifications are for standard products only.  Any changes to standard products will change the specifications.

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