Classic Hinged Patio Doors

Classic Hinged Patio Doors

Classic Hinged Patio doors make for beautiful, luxurious entry ways into your home or building. If you are looking to add elegant style to your patio entryway, Classic Hinged Patio doors are the perfect choice for your project.

Classic Hinged Patio doors are different from Double French doors in that one panel is permanently fixed. The operating door panel is usually hinged from the center of the door, so when you open the door the operating panel folds against the stationary door panel. The option to hinge the operating door panel from the frame jamb is also available. All Hinged Patio doors come standard with a sliding screen. Together, these unique features of Classic Hinged Patio doors make for very attractive patio entry doors.

Classic Hinged Patio doors are built to last! Our Hinged Patio doors combine a tough aluminum extruded exterior with a beautiful clear pine wood interior for long lasting beauty inside and out. Classic’s proprietary glazing and weatherstripping systems give our Hinged Patio doors maximum energy efficiency, so your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For more detailed information about the construction of our Hinged Patio doors, visit the Hinged Patio Door Specifications page of our website.

Classic Hinged Patio doors are available in a wide variety of options to suit each and every individual’s tastes. See the Options and Accessories list below for a complete list of options available for your Classic Hinged Patio doors.

Standard Door Features:

  • Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum Exterior
  • Pine Wood Interior
  • Dual-pane insulating glass units with Low-E coating and argon gas provided by Cardinal Glass Industries
  • Removable Glass Stops for Easy Glass Replacement
  • Multi-Point Latching Hardware
  • Adjustable Door Hinges
  • Sliding Screen with Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum Frame

Door Options and Accessories:

  • Custom Door Sizes
  • French Hinged Patio Doors
  • Doors Can Be Mulled Together With Other Doors and Windows
  • Antique Brass, Pewter, Oil-Rub Bronze, White, Black, or Chrome Hardware
  • Custom Glass
  • Snap-In Wood Grilles***
  • Simulated Divided Light Grilles (SDL)***
  • ***All Grille Styles Available in Standard or Custom Patterns