Classic French Doors

Nothing will add more style and elegance to your room than a Classic French door. Classic French doors provide you with excellent views, tremendous sunlight, and fresh air. If you are looking to take advantage of any of these, Classic French doors are the right choice for your project.

Classic French doors are built to last. Our French door combines a tough, aluminum extruded exterior with a beautiful clear pine wood interior. State-of-the-art glazing and weatherstripping systems give our French doors maximum energy efficiency. For more detailed information about the construction of our French doors, visit the French Door Specifications page of our website.

All hinged French doors come standard with multi-point latching hardware. The operating door panel latches at the top, center, and bottom of the panel. This provides the best seal for energy efficiency, as well as better security.  All operating French doors come standard with adjustable hinges, which allow you to make door alignment adjustments after the door is installed. The doors incorporate a unique sill design that prevents any water leakage by returning any intruding water to the outside of the door. The standard door heights provide interior trim head alignment with windows for standard 8′ and 9′ wall heights. The French style door panel rails and stiles are 4 inches wide to match our Hinged Patio and Sliding Patio doors. Many of our French doors have the same frame dimensions as our Hinged Patio and Sliding Patio doors, which allows you to mix and match any Classic doors in any room.

Double panel French doors come standard with one stationary door panel and one operating door panel. The stationary door panel can be opened by unlatching two flush bolts at the top and bottom of the stationary door panel. An optional screen is available for all French doors.

Classic French doors are available in a wide variety of options to suit each and every individual’s tastes. Choose from In-swinging or Out-swinging French doors, or add Archtops to your French doors for a rich, stately appearance. See the Options and Accessories list below for a complete list of options available for your Classic French doors.

Standard Door Features:

  • Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum Exterior
  • Natural Pine Wood Interior
  • Dual-pane insulating glass units with Low-E coating and argon gas provided by Cardinal Glass Industries
  • Removable Glass Stops for Easy Glass Replacement
  • Multi-Point Locking Hardware
  • Single Operating Handle
  • Adjustable Door Hinges
  • Flush Bolts on Non-operating Panel

Door Options and Accessories:

  • Custom Door Sizes
  • Archtop French Doors
  • Out-Swing French Doors (Dimensions Change)
  • French Doors Can Be Mulled Together with other Doors and/or Windows
  • Antique Brass, Pewter, Oil-Rub Bronze, White, Black, or Chrome Hardware
  • Dual-Operating Handles (Multi-point locking hardware on both panels)
  • Dummy Handles (Non-operational)
  • Screens (Single Sliding Door Screen or Dual Hinged Door Screens)
  • Handicap Accessible Door Threshold
  • Custom Glass
  • Snap-In Wood Grilles***
  • Aluminum Grilles Between the Glass Panes***
  • Simulated Divided Light Grilles (SDL)***
  • ***All Grille Styles Available in Standard or Custom Patterns